Environmentally friendly and innovative enzymatic solutions for the bio-energy and the functional food industries

We are Rethinking the Future for a Better World

EnzymoCore is a fast growing company that provides immobilized enzymes-based catalysts to the biodiesel, Omega-3 fatty acids concentrates industries and others.

EnzymoCore produces immobilized enzyme-based catalysts for production of 2nd and 3rd generation biodiesel fuel, complying with the ASTM and EN specifications. Biocatalysts are environment-friendly, and enable the use of 2nd and 3rd generation feedstocks, while lowering significantly the total production costs of biodiesel fuel.

The company is the owner of unique patented technology for the production of biocatalysts based on recyclable immobilized lipases. These materials are used for the commercial production of fatty acid alkyl esters such as biodiesel and Omega-3 fatty acids concentrates in the form of ethyl esters as well as in the form of glycerides, serving multi-billion dollar corporations alongside small companies.  The company has won several significant awards, granted by different forums, and received extensive recognition for its innovation and contribution to sustainability.