EnzymoCore was founded in 2007 by Dr. Sobhi Basheer, a serial entrepreneur who has founded Enzymotec Ltd. in 1999, today a Nasdaq-traded company.  Market demand for greener and less expensive Biocatalysts compelled EnzymoCore to serve a big demand for the biodiesel industry. This concept blossomed into a new joint venture business model, which is now reflected in the company’s core motto; Waste-to-Value.

EnzymoCore is a leading global producer and developer of immobilized enzymes (Biocatalysts) for the production of Biodiesel as well as high added-value fatty acid esters (Omega-3).  With several active biodiesel plants around the world, enzymatic capabilities and a growing intellectual property portfolio, EnzymoCore is considered to be a long-term leader in Biodiesel and food-grade fatty acids esters (Omega-3).