Meptagon is a strategic partner for EnzymoCore. Both companies collaborate in planning and designing biodiesel plants taking in consideration such elements as capital and operational expenses, production capacity and engineering, adherence to regulations and industry standards and more.

Meptagon and Transbiodiesel entered into a partnership in order to consolidate the advantages/benefits of each company and provide a comprehensive solution for customers from the early stage design through implementation of the plant to completion of trials (Turn Key Project).

Meptagon has 60 years of experience in design, plant engineering and construction in the industry (EPCM).  EnzymoCore has years of experience in the development of immobilized enzymes while providing engineering support to biodiesel plants.

EnzymoCore and Meptagon partnership provide solutions to customers in a number of areas:

  • Factory Planning/Design
  • Upgrading/retrofitting of existing plants to Enzymatic plants
  • Construction of new plants
  • Plant operation
  • Overall engineering responsibility for process, product quality and factory.

Meptagon employs more than 550 people with various skills. Each division in the group has unique requirements and employees are carefully selected in order to complete their tasks meticulously.

Meptagon delivers creative and customized solutions for varying technological and commercial requirements. The capability to deliver all of these services with single-point responsibility in a timely, professional and cost-effective manner, together with first-class quality and safety requirements, have resulted in many successful projects that often surpass client expectations.

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