Fuels your Heart. Sharpens your Brain.


Radically transforming manufacturing of Omega-3 fatty acids concentrates using a new Game-Changer technology. A new set of immobilized enzymes were developed by EnzymoCore for the selective esterification/transesterification of polyunsaturated fatty acids over other types of fatty acids in fish and algal oils. The company came up with a high quality and unique purification process of a concentrated version of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) ethyl esters and glycerides concentrates from transesterified crude fish/algal oils.


Enzymatically produced omega-3 fatty acids concentrates for the food industry:


  • EnzymoCore has developed a cost-effective biocatalysts for the enrichment of EPA and DHA (Omega-3) for the nutraceutical industry.  Consumption of fish and algal oils containing omega-3 fatty acids has health benefits, mainly in brain, cognitive and cardiovascular events.
  • The high value for EPA and DHA ethyl esters market is growing rapidly at a rate of 12% annually due to their ability to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and obesity, and improve brain function and overall health.
  • EPA and DHA can be produced by microalgae as well, which is another promising alternative source of Omega-3 fatty acid rich oil.  In general, fish oil can have PCB’s and heavy metals like mercury and lead which are harmful and can be removed downstream at an additional cost. Algal oil does not have impurities like PCB’s and heavy metals which makes algal oil an attractive target from a nutraceutical point of view.


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EnzymoCore is offering two biocatalysts for the enrichment of omega-3 fatty acids in fish and algal oils.

  • The first biocatalyst traded as TransZyme ET for the production of high concentrations of EPA and DHA in the form of fatty acid ethyl esters.


  • The second biocatalyst traded as OmegaZyme ET for the production of high concentrations of EPA and DHA in the form of glycerides characterized with their high stability as well as high bio-availability.


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