The company has developed and protected innovative environmentally friendly and economically viable enzyme-based catalysts for the conversion of used vegetable/animal/fish/algal oils and fats to fatty acid alkyl esters. The current EnzymoCore’s line of products consists of immobilized enzyme-based catalysts (biocatalysts), with the trade name “TransZyme A”, used in the production of fatty acid ethyl/methyl esters (FAME) or Biodiesel

EnzymoCore’s enzyme-based catalyst provides many advantages:

  • It uses low-grade feedstocks defined as second generation feedstocks
  • It does not generate toxic wastes
  • It is reusable in multiple batches and can be used in continuous processes
  • It does not require heating
  • It generates high quality glycerol as a by-product
  • It requires less capital equipment
  • It significantly reduces production costs
  • It enables the use of other alcohols, such as ethanol and n-butanol